Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 11 Municipal Dr STE 200, Fishers, Indiana 46038. Our office suite is leased through Office Evolution on the second floor of the Ellipse Municipal Building, in downtown Fishers on the North side of city center circle. Our building is 4 stories and sits next to the public Library, behind the outdoor amphitheatre and across the street east of Flexware Innovations. Signage on the first floor reads “HONOR YOGA”. Parking is available on all sides of the building and it is not metered.

What are your hours?

We are appointment only from 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday. To schedule an appointment click here or call 317-721-3573 and leave a message if you receive the voicemail. We will return your call.

Do you buy coins?

Yes, we do. We purchase ALL COINS ranging from exquisite six-figure rarities to pennies worth 3 cents. We will even buy your change jar for a better rate than Coinstar machines.

Do you sell coins?

We are not a retail coin shop. We do all of our sales online, through email, or over the phone. There are many excellent retail coin shops in the Indianapolis area and we are not looking to directly compete with their style of operation. By keeping the retail side of the business online it allows us to carry out our very unique business model which focuses on top notch individualized customer service where each guest is our one and only focus. If you would like to browse our inventory, check out our eBay store.

How long have you been in the coin business?

I’m coming up on my 10th year in full-time business as a coin dealer. I began my interest in coins back in 2008 as a hobbyist my freshman year of college. Not long out of undergrad I was working full time as a coin dealer starting in 2014. I love the work, and hope to retire doing it.

Do you offer free appraisals?

We offer both free estimates, and free offer sheets.

A free estimate is performed during our complimentary 30 minute FREE consultation that we offer to anyone who would like to familiarize themselves with their coin collection before making a decision about what to do with it. Much like taking a car into a mechanic, we get under the hood of your collection and give you our assessment of what it consists of, whether there are any significant gems worth lots of money, as well as what the approximate price would be if you were to sell it to us, or have an insurance appraisal done.

We offer free offer sheets as well under most conditions. Offer sheets are very similar to appraisals except they provide a full itemized list of exactly what we would pay for the component parts of your collection. As long as we end up purchasing at least 1/3 of the value the offer sheet is totally free. The only time we charge a fee is if a customer elects to have an offer sheet done, but declines all of our offers. In this case there is a fee of 6.5% of the value up to a fee cap of $500 per day. We do offer refund guarantees if a customer returns within 90 days to sell at least 1/3 we automatically refund the fees. We also offer a match back guarantee wherein someone receives a higher offer than the one we made, we will conduct a free review of our original offer and if neither a change in market conditions or a potential mistake on our part doesn’t explain the discrepancy to the point where we can equalize the offer, we will refund the fees this way as well.

We also offer appraisals. These are similar to offer sheets but they are done to show the replacement cost of the items in the customers’ possession. Sometimes estates and especially insurance companies will require that an appraisal be performed. Appraisals are also subject to the 6.5% fee structure we a $500 per day cap.

Do you sell Gold and Silver Bullion?

Since we are not a retail store we do not have a showroom with bullion on display to purchase. We do, however, offer precious metal sales on a purchase order basis. When you are ready to order bullion all you need to do is make an appointment, and we will take down your order and give you the cost. We will take the payment up front and give you a receipt for your purchase and then place your order to be picked up within 3 business days securely at our office. Please note: There is a 2% processing fee if you are purchasing bullion with a credit or debit card. There is no charge if you pay by cash, check, or bankwire but we require the payment to be fully cleared before we hand off the product.

Do you grade coins?

We can give you an unofficial professional opinion of the grade of your coins, but we cannot perform official third party grading. That is done through PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG. We are authorized dealers for both PCGS and NGC, the two leading coin grading companies in the coin industry, and we are happy to accept submissions for either company. You can drop off your completed submissions to our office where we handle the rest using our secure private shipping insurance, or you can book an appointment were we build your submission to the point where it’s ready to be sent. We charge a flat fee of $75 per submission, for our time, packaging supplies, and insurance to the graders, in addition to the itemized grading costs by PCGS and NGC. Coin grading starts at $20 per coin for coins under $300 in value and goes up to $160 per coin for coins $10,000 or more. We do not submit coins to ANACS or ICG but we would be happy to offer our assistance with these submissions during a 30 minute consultation session.

Should I clean my coins before I bring them in?

NO! It is very important that you DO NOT clean your coins in any way shape or form until you have consulted with us or another coin professional. Even the mildest forms of cleaning can cause irreversible damage to the surface of a coin. While it’s understandable to want to make an old coin look shiny, it’s often the antique look that collectors nowadays so much appreciate. Cleaning damages the patina, as well as the natural luster that an excellent coin might have. Tarnish on a silver coin is just a normal process of oxidation and it is not something that merits cleaning in most cases.

Do you buy error coins?

We do buy errors and varieties. However, we generally require that error coins be professionally certified, and variety coins should be at the very least appropriately attributed by the cherry pickers guide by Fivaz and Stanton. Please Note: Virtually all of the error and variety coins that we do purchase come from coin collections that were built by serious collectors, and not coins that were found in regular pocket change. If you found something in pocket change the chance of it being an error or variety that bears value is very low. I cover this subject in much greater detail in this article.

I just have a few coins, can I send you pictures?

You bet! We are happy to do evaluations via text message. You may text photos to 317-721-3573. The photos don’t need to be super high quality but make sure they aren’t too blurry. You can start with just pictures of the front, and we will let you know if we need additional photos to make an assessment.

My collection is too large for me to bring it to you. What can I do?

No worries at all! We offer pick up / drop off, as well as in-home services. We can either arrange to meet at your residence or other safe location where we can go over paperwork and take possession of the collection to bring back to our office to work on. Or we can schedule time to work directly in your home, bank, or other safe location.

Is it safe for me to leave my coins with you to perform an appraisal or offer sheet?

We always appreciate it when folks bring their collections to us and allow us time to over the course of a couple days to do the work of assessing the contents for either an offer, or an appraisal. We also consider this a huge privilege and honor to have your trust placed in us, so part of our good faith offer to you by bringing your collection in for drop off is that we offer both a service contract as well as complimentary self-paid liability insurance.

While our location is quite safe and we have never had any issues with theft, nor have we dealt with catastrophic weather, we cannot rule out the possibility that a tornado takes out the building or a very sophisticated thief breaks in and cracks the safe. That is why our service contracts cover not only documentation of the work that we are going to be performing, how long it will take, what any costs may be, but it also includes the liability insurance so that you will receive compensation for the value of your collection within 14 business days in the event of unforeseen disaster. You can feel confident leaving your valuables with us.

My question isn’t answered here…

If you’ve got questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to contact me.

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