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Cost: FREE

A Consultation is the typical starting point when you’re looking to sell a collection of coins. In a consultation session, we:

  • Give you an idea of what your collection is worth. We attempt to make a solid estimate of sale value within a few hundred dollars. This can give you a sense of the overall dollar value of your coins without getting into highly detailed figures or individual coin analysis (which can take hours or even days, depending on the collection).
  • Scan for pieces of significant rarity. These are the “winning lottery tickets” everyone hopes they have! We’ll take a look and see if anything in your collection stands out as a potential “winner.”
  • Answer your important questions. You might wonder about how we discover a coin’s value, or what makes specific coins special. Or you might ask about historical information, grading, tips on preserving coins, or how we sell the collections we purchase. Whatever questions you have, this is a perfect time to get answers.

In essence, a consultation is 30 minutes of our expertise offered for free as a courtesy so that you can get a good sense of what you’re dealing with before you select a more intensive service like a full written appraisal or an offer sheet.

Customers are always allowed to go from a consultation directly into an additional service if time permits.

Location: Our office only
Terms: 30 minutes maximum
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Offer Sheet / Collection Purchase

Cost: FREE* (subject to terms)

Here is what you can expect to happen during the Offer Sheet / Collection Purchase process:

  • We perform a full evaluation of all collection contents. For each coin or line item category, when applicable, we denote exactly what we would pay. This leads to…
  • You receive an offer sheet. This will include a total price we are willing to pay for your whole collection. You are allowed time in office to review the offer sheet, and then you’ll select the method of payment you prefer to receive. And next…
  • We proceed with a purchase. The purchase will be at least 30% of your collection, but may be up to 100% of the collection, depending on what you decide you’d like to sell.

Location: Our Office or In Home, Drop Off / Pick Ups available for free!

*Terms: To qualify for no fees, customers must plan to accept offers on at least 30% of the items presented. If after the evaluation the customer declines all offers on the day of the appointment, the offer sheet is charged as a full appraisal with appraisal fees as described below. The offer sheet will then also carry the same benefits, limitations and privileges as an authorized insurance and estate appraisal. Offer sheets are FREE for pick ups, drop offs, in home, and in office meetings.
Contact us to schedule your Offer Sheet / Collection Purchase session.


Cost: 6.5% of purchase value (see terms)

If you are seeking an estate or insurance appraisal and are not intending or not able to sell on the day of the appointment (or perhaps at any point in the future), our appraisal process may be right for you:

  • As with Offer Sheets, we break the collection down to component parts and logically sort and zip-bag them.
  • We assign values on an official letterhead form for the pieces in your collection, individually or categorically, as appropriate. These amounts represent an assessment of the actual replacement value of the pieces.
  • At the end of the process, you have a complete picture of what your collection is worth.
  • Our appraisals are accepted by insurance companies and estate attorneys.

Location: Our Office or In Home, Drop Off / Pick Ups available for free!

*Terms: Appraisal cost is a fully reimbursable (if sold within 90 days), deposit style charge that is 6.5% of the collection’s overall value. Note: our labor is accounted for in the percentage charge and is not charged separately. If at least 1/3 of the collection is sold within 90 days after an appraisal is completed, the appraisal service becomes free!

Contact us to schedule your Appraisal.

Why do we charge for the appraisal?

As a coin dealership, our primary means of staying in business relies on purchasing coins rather than only evaluating them. Also, our offers are proprietary, market-sensitive, and at risk of being leveraged with competitors. Therefore, full appraisals have a cost to offset the fact that we aren’t purchasing at the time of the appointment.

Our goal with the appraisal cost is to ensure that we are adequately compensated for our time and protect the sensitivity of our offers, while at the same time making sure the appraisal fees are fair and keep the service accessible to everyone with a collection of any size.

Fair Market Value Guarantee

Every offer we make is made with the good faith and full intent to pay fair market value for your items. If you receive an offer that is higher than the one we made, simply present written documentation of that offer, and we will conduct a full review of our original offer to make sure no errors were made. We will then re-analyze the market as it stands on that given day, and if we cannot match the offer, we will refund you the appraisal charges in full.

Additional Services

What We Buy

Please refer to our brief guide to what we buy to find out what specific items we look for and relatively how valuable they are likely to be.

Contact us today if you are interested in:

Coin Certification and Grading. We can offer expert opinions on the condition of virtually any coin or bank note. For a minimal charge he can also arrange for encapsulation and certification with industry leading TPG (Third Party Graders) such as PCGS, NGC, CAC, and PMG.

Consultation on tangible asset investment and management. We provide in-depth analysis on how best to grow and maintain a portfolio of rare coins, paper money, and precious metals.

Buying and Selling Gold and Silver Bullion. We are a competitive buyer and seller of all types of bullion including circulation 90% silver and gold coins, Generic issue Silver Bars and Rounds, as well as government issue coins such as Eagles, Maple Leafs and Kruggerands.

Selling Broken or Scrap Gold and Silver Jewelry – Highly competitive rates! Usually better than Pawn Shops or Jewelry stores!

One on One Coin Sales. Come browse our inventory privately and in person.

eBay Consignments. We are a TOP RATED Seller on eBay (sshafer11) and we would love to feature your coins! *Currently accepting certified coins only. Limitations apply.


If you have any questions about services offered, please contact us for more information.


We are appointment-only. Appointments are available Monday - Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

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