Sam Shafer Numismatics offers the following services:

Purchase collectible coins and paper money.

Numismatic consultation, authentication, and basic appraisals: Learn about the value of your value and history of your items without pressure to sell!

Coin Certification and Grading: Sam can offer expert opinion on the condition of virtually any coin or bank note. For a minimal charge he can also arrange for encapsulation and certification with industry leading TPG (Third Party Graders) such as PCGS, NGC, CAC, and PMG.

• Perform detailed and documented appraisals for insurance companies or Attorneys.

Consult on tangible asset investment and management. Sam provides in depth analysis on how best to grow and maintain a portfolio of rare coins, paper money, and precious metals.

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Bullion. Competitive buyer and seller of all types of bullion including circulation 90% silver and gold coins, Generic issue Silver Bars and Rounds, as well as government issue coins such as Eagles, Maple Leafs and Kruggerands.

Purchase Broken or Scrap Gold and Silver Jewelry – Highly competitive rates! Usually better than Pawn Shops or Jewelry stores!

• Maintains a constantly changing inventory of rare coins and paper money dating from ancient times to present day. Can help collectors of all budgets find competitively priced collectible treasures. Coins can be shipped to anywhere in the continental United States. Authenticity guarantee on all items with hassle free shipping and returns. Local buyers may be able pickup items on site.


If you have any questions about services offered, please contact Sam for more information.

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